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CharacterMart is a vibrant display of characters by 11 artists from around the world. The characters take the form of prints, sculptures and toys and will be held at the Biscuit Factory.The exhibition is sponsored by Krafty Brew on the opening night of the 4th of December and there will be a bar and some funky tunes. Entrance is free and the exhibition is running until the 13th of December.


Karen Anna S. Sandholm


Karen Anna is a Norwegian illustrator and artist who has lived in Edinburgh for the past 8 years. She draws Angry Duck amongst other things and likes to laugh a lot. 

Mike James


Mike is a industrial & graphic designer with a passion for illustration. His work is inspired by minimalism & geometry.

Diego Cumplido


Diego  is a cartoonist & filmmaker from Santiago, Chile. A fixation with weird and dark humor permeates his whole body of work.


The Biscuit factory

4-6 Anderson Place




Opening night


4th December 2015


Open till

13th December 2015


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Alexandria Turner


Alexandria Turner is a children's illustrator currently based in Edinburgh. Represented by the Bright Agency, she has completed commissions for clients including Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. Her most recent work is a Ladybird book, Knights and Castles.

Jasmine Parker


Jasmine Parker is a freelance illustrator and a part-time designer at Bloomsbury publishing. Her passion is character design and she is currently developing Flying Merguez and his colourful universe. 

Conall Kelleher


Conall Kelleher is an Artist and Designer based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2011 he earned a Degree in Visual Arts Practice from IADT. He is primarily interested in storytelling over various media.

Sarah Klan


Sarah has been working as a 2D animator and Motion Designer in London for the past 10 years. She enjoys creating cute characters offset with a darker side, bringing to life misfits that often explore themes of loneliness and vulnerability. 

Siv Nordsveen


Siv Nordsveen is an Trondheim-based comic artist, animator and illustrator. Growing up in Norway´s ski eldorado Trysil, the forests and snowy hills made a big impact on her later work.

Gutless Wonder


You won’t find Gutless Wonder wandering the streets of any city. They reside between dimensions searching for the answers and leaving marks along the way.

Matt Sloe


Matt Sloe is a freelance artist specialising in a variety materials and platforms, including Character design, murals, printmaking, illustration and Sculpture. He is currently based in Cambridge and is exploring the characters that he finds through out this busy little city.

Marianna Madriz


Marianna Madriz is a UK-based Illustrator originally from Venezuela..


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